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  • Configuring FTP Over SSL with IIS 8

    In 2011 the FTP protocol had it’s 40 birthday. Despite it’s age it is still a widely used file transfer technology however it wasn’t originally designed for encryption. It has been shown to be vulnerable to brute force attacks, packet capture, and spoof attacks as well as a few other attack vectors. Now with IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012 encrypting an FTP session has never been easier. Using the IIS Manager with just a few clicks you can enable FTPS also known as FTP Over SSL on your site and take advantage of encrypted communication. In this walkthrough I am going to configure FTPS on IIS 8 using my personal SSL certificate which I obtained from a 3rd party SSL vendor. I am not going to cover how to install an SSL certificate. To get started launch IIS Manager from the Start Screen.