Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8 are now available!

Microsoft has just released Windows Server 2012! You can find out more about this release on the Official Windows Server 2012 Launch Website (

In tandem with the release of Windows Server 2012, the IIS team is happy to announce the general availability of Internet Information Services 8.0 This new version of IIS offers a wealth of new features and improvements, and here are just a few of the enhancements that you can expect in IIS 8.0: Application Initialization, Dynamic IP Address Restrictions, Centralized SSL Certificate Store, CPU Throttling, FTP Logon Attempt Restrictions, Server Name Indication (SNI) Support, Improved SSL and Configuration Scalability, support for Multicore Scaling on NUMA Hardware, and more! Additional information about IIS 8.0 is available in the "What's New in IIS 8.0 for Windows 8?" web page.

If you'd like to try IIS 8.0 for yourself, you can download the evaluation version and start experimenting today!

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  • Wie kann man sich vor einen Browser Netzwerk lösen,in das man gezogen wurde ?

  • Wie kann man sich vor einen Browser Netzwerk lösen,in das man gezogen wurde ?

  • By chance, does IIS 8 take care of the blind drop FTP issue? In IIS 7.5 using IE you copy a file over to the drop folder on the ftp site and it gives error 550 access denied. In order for you to copy the file into the drop folder you have to give the user 'List folder/read data' permission. The problem is that you can now go into the folder and read its contents. [No longer a blind drop] I followed the blind drop FTP instructions for IIS 7.5 and unless you give the list folder permission, it will not write the file.

    Any ideas?

  • thanks

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