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  • Using URL Rewrite with Web Site Testing

    Recently I ran into an interesting situation when I was rolling out a new web-based application. I had tested it on my development server, and because it was a rather complex application I wanted to test it on my production server before making it live. I had already set up a placeholder web site with a home page that announced the new site as "Coming Soon," and I had some of the supporting infrastructure configured for the placeholder site: database connections, permissions, FTP bindings, etc.

  • Migrating FPSE Roles Between Servers

    I ran into one of those strange situations the other day where you feel like you've been doing the same thing on your computer at some time in the distant past - kind of like déjà vu for geeks. In this specific case, I was moving some web sites that I am hosting for other people that still use FPSE from an older physical server to a new virtual server that is hosted through Hyper-V. (I'm also trying to convert them all to WebDAV, but that's another story.)