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  • URL Rewrite Module and Digest Authentication

    With the Go Live release for the URL Rewrite Module having just been shipped, I thought that I'd address a problem that you might run into if you're using Digest Authentication. RFC 2069 states that a client sends the server a checksum of the username, password, nonce value, HTTP method, and the requested URI. Unfortunately, when rewriting the URL, the client and server have separate ideas of what the actual URL is, so Digest Authentication will fail when authenticating against a rewritten URL. Here's a practicle example:

  • Data Mining UrlScan 3.0 Logs using LogParser 2.2

    We released a new version of UrlScan recently, and one of the great new features in this version is log files that conform to the W3C Extended Log File Format. What this means to administrators is that they can now parse their UrlScan activity using almost any common log utilities, including Microsoft's LogParser 2.2 utility. For anyone that hasn't heard of LogParser, this is a freeware utility from Microsoft that allows you to write SQL-style queries to extract useful information. Eventually I'd like for the following information to show up on the web site, but for now I'd like everyone to at least have access to the information.