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  • Scripting the SmartFTP Client

    In my last blog post I reviewed the SmartFTP Client, where I briefly mentioned that the SmartFTP Client has built-in extensibility support, and I promised to include a script that I've been testing. I have made it abundantly obvious in many of my earlier blog posts that I love writing scripts or extending the functionality of existing products whenever I can, so having built-in extensibility for an FTP client definitely caught my interest.

  • FTP Clients - Part 8: SmartFTP Client

    For this installment in my series about FTP Clients I'm going to review the SmartFTP Client from SmartSoft Ltd. For this blog post I used the SmartFTP Client Ultimate Edition version 4.0.1105.0, and it is available from the following URL:

  • FPSE and Form Results over Email (SMTP)

    I have seen many issues over the past few years when customers try to use the FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) to send form results via email, and a recent post to was enough motivation for me to decide to write a blog about this issue. I've helped a lot of customers to get this scenario working, and with that in mind, I'd like to explain a little bit about the technology involved, its limitations, and what I think is the best workaround for the situation.