IIS.net is running on IIS 8.0 Beta!

Here at Microsoft we're pretty passionate about testing our own software.

We often ask our customers to test the pre-release versions of our new software products, and we wouldn't ask our customers to try something that we're unwilling to do. To that end, we are pleased to announce that IIS.net is fully running on IIS 8.0 Beta.

Some of you may have noticed the "Running on IIS8" button above the IIS.net menu bar; this message lets you know that you're browsing to a server that is hosted on IIS 8.0 Beta:

(Note: If you click that button, it will take you to the "What's New in IIS 8.0 for Windows 8?" section of IIS.net.)

I hope you are discovering the new features of IIS 8.0 beta, and please provide feedback. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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