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  • Ace the Azure test!

    Well…this isn’t really about any test, but keeping the massive range of services and features Azure offers in one’s head could be challenging even for seasoned experts. Luckily, Cory Fowler, one of Azure’s best evangelists has built this fantastic informational gold-mine!

  • Where did my visitors go?!

    For anyone who owns a website, a top-priority is usually driving traffic up. Whether it’s a content-based site like a blog or forum, or a sales-driven site like an online store, we all want as many people as possible to visit our sites. Most hosting solutions offer some kind of access to information about visitors and companies like WebTrends have made a fortune building advanced analysis mechanisms to help answer questions like “What websites are referring to my site” or “what are the most popular pages on my site” and so on.

  • Azure placed as leader by Gartner in Enterprise Application Platform as a Service!

    Windows Azure has been growing and improving at a very rapid pace, and looks like our efforts are starting to get recognized and appreciated. The most recent sign of this is being classified as “leader” by Gartner in their Q1 2014 Magic Quadrant report. In fact, the Leader quadrant has only two companies – Azure and SalesForce, so we are definitely in good company!