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  • See you at TechEd 2013!

    June marks the annual TechEd convention, and this time, Microsoft will be taking over New Orleans, Louisiana. As the program manager for IIS, I will be presenting on June 6th and shedding some light on what our product team has been cooking for our avid users!

  • SC 2012 SP1 – DPM: Windows 2012 VM Mobility – Uninterrupted Data Protection

    One of the important features enabled in Windows 2012 is the ability to live migrate VMs anywhere.  Whether the VM migrating within a cluster, across clusters, standalone to standalone or standalone to cluster or vice versa, VM will not be paused or interrupted at the time of VM live migration.  This efficiency enables fabric administrators manage their fabric and load balance the environment and ensure that their private cloud deployments are running optimally.  While this provides freedom and flexibility for fabric administrators, this poses management problem for backup administrators.  As the fabric administrator leveraging these capabilities to optimize the fabric performance and taking these decisions independently backup administrators will not be aware of this until backup software fails to find the VM and so failing the backups.  This kind of dynamic fabric provides problems for the backup administrators. 

  • Welcome!

    Welcome, everyone, and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Erez Benari, and I’m the program manager for IIS in Windows Server. As my team and I continue developing the next version of IIS, I will be posting information and guides here to help you make the best of IIS.

  • Reduce backup storage consumption of private cloud deployments using System Center 2012 SP1 – DPM

    System Center 2012 SP1 - DPM has enabled data protection for Windows 2012 Private Cloud deployments.  Customers have been looking for a way to exclude some of the VHD/VHDX that have temp data or downloads or page files which have no value @ recovery time.  Based on this feedback, we have introduced a new feature called “exclude VHDX”, where customer can configure DPM to exclude some of the VHDs on their backup.  All backup admin has to do is run the following command on DPM server.