IIS is now the market leader with a 37.5% share of all sites

A few months ago, I reported about the growth of sites running on IIS, which was edging closer and closer to Apache's market share. This month (July 2014), NetCraft's web server survey confirms that this has finally happened and IIS is now the market leader with close to 374 millions sites and a 37.5% share of the market.

To be fair, this specific statistic is only one out of many collected by Netcraft, and in some parameters, Apache still has a noticable lead because it is a solid product that gets the job doen for those who prefer it. What's important here for us at Microsoft is that fact that the growth shows that IIS is moving in the right direction, and that our customers are able to take advantage of the new features we have been introducing regularly (some specifically architected to cater to the need of high-end environments like hosters, enterprises and cloud providers).

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