Claudia, the cloud girl from Japan.

If you go into a Japanese bookstore, and browse the tech section, you might run into this title – WordPress on Windows Azure:


Who is this lovely lady, you might ask yourself…well, meet Claudia Madobe, the cloud girl (her last name means “Window-sill” in Japanese). Claudia was created by Tokura Aya, a tech evangelist from Microsoft Japan with the purpose of helping tell the story of Windows Azure. The book itself is about 160 pages of guidance on using Windows Azure Web Sites to quickly and easily create a WordPress site (if you noticed, Claudia is wearing Windows-themed earrings, and a WordPress necklace). It also has about 20 pages of Manga, telling about some of Claudia’s adventures helping others use cloud technology.


Here’s a picture of Tokura and Claudia…see any resemblance?


If you like it, and are fluent in Japanese, you can grab yourself a copy for about $18 on Amazon. You can also visit Claudia’s page on MSDN.

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