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  • re: IIS 7.0 URL Rewrite Module 2.0 beta released

    It sure would be great if you could add a hook to perform a custom action in .net before the rule is applied.  I have some complex requirements that require database lookups for some of my URLs before they can be properly rewritten.  Any chance of this happening?

  • Summary of stats since 10/1/2008 as an IIS MVP, few thoughts.

    MVP's provide information about how they have been active in their respective community.   Here is some stats I calculated since 10/1/2008.  Since joining the IIS community three years ago as an MVP (I was previously an ASP.NET MVP).  Microsoft has focused on making the IIS community as dynamic as ASP.NET.  IMO, they've succeeded and it continues to grow.  Kudo's to the IIS team for providing a secure, dynamic platform in IIS 7.x.  The additional modules, thriving community portal site (    I can see this continuing to grow.  It's fun to share my knowledge, learn new things and be part of a exciting community! 

  • Information Post on FTP, Active, Passive settings and SSL by Alun Jones

    I started hanging out in the newsgroups again, along with the forums at  I ran across a particular interesting post by Alun Jones (Security MVP and maker of WSFTPD).   There are a fair amount of posts on about FTP, some are confused by Active, Passive, and SSL settings. His posting in the newsgroups described this very clearly. (IMO).   What people are confused about is how Active, Passive connections are handled.

  • Thank you IIS team for the SEO toolkit, it helped correct over 500 errors.

    Here are my experiences about using the SEO toolkit by the IIS team.   I had a few sections I wanted to improve for search engines, using the SEO toolkit, it identified over 700 found errors.  I've reduced to 187 individual items, of which is tied to a few articles that need some reformating.   The articles will get touched up, which mostly are HTML markup.   This was VERY helpful in identifying items on my website (