Summary of stats since 10/1/2008 as an IIS MVP, few thoughts.

MVP's provide information about how they have been active in their respective community.   Here is some stats I calculated since 10/1/2008.  Since joining the IIS community three years ago as an MVP (I was previously an ASP.NET MVP).  Microsoft has focused on making the IIS community as dynamic as ASP.NET.  IMO, they've succeeded and it continues to grow.  Kudo's to the IIS team for providing a secure, dynamic platform in IIS 7.x.  The additional modules, thriving community portal site (    I can see this continuing to grow.  It's fun to share my knowledge, learn new things and be part of a exciting community! 

Blog Stats
152 blog posts since 10/1/2008 - 233,940 Views
Posts of
2295 posts since 10/1/2008 on
Currently, Second most posts on (way behind Tom Kaminski)
Over 1,800 downloads since 10/1/2008 from articles I've posted on
Page views from articles posted on since 10/1/2008
Attended 2009 MVP summit
Happy IIS'ing.
Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP - IIS

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