IISpeed is a port of Google's mod_PageSpeed designed to work with Microsoft’s IIS server software


This looks real interesting and I thought I’d pass along. 

IISpeed is a port of Google’s mod_PageSpeed designed to work with Microsoft’s IIS server software. IIS is one of the most popular servers on the web, powering millions of web-sites, and we are excited to bring the full power of PageSpeed optimization to the Windows platform.

IISpeed works by minification and compression of HTML-code and resources, reducing the time spent while waiting for the transfer of a webpage to complete. At the same time IISpeed reduces the total number of requests, lowering server load and reducing waiting time even further. In practice, this translates to higher conversion rates, better end user experience and lowered server- and bandwidth needs.

For developers it does not matter which technology is used. Classic ASP, ASP.NET and PHP all work with IISpeed.  

IISpeed was developed by We-Amp, a Dutch startup. The team at We-Amp works closely with Google on an NGINX port. All members have a strong background in web optimization. For example, in the past they also architected and implemented a proprietary port of mod_pagespeed to Apache Traffic Server.

IISpeed now has an open beta running. The software can be downloaded from www.iispeed.com.


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