IIS Videos on Dr. Dobb's Web Site

Like many people I know, I get a lot of email from various industry-related publications; some of the emails are spam, and the others are from computer magazines that I subscribe to. (And there are several of those. ;-] )

Anyway, I received an email the other day from the folks at Dr. Dobb’s, and it contained a link for a video on IIS Bitrate Throttling. It always piques my interest to see what others have to say about IIS, so I followed the link and discovered that the following page has several IIS-related videos listed:

Within the list of videos I found videos for FTP and WebDAV, so I couldn't resist watching those:

As I was watching those videos, the thought occurred to me that those videos were really familiar - but not in a déjà vu kind of way. As it turns out, those are the same videos that are on the IIS.NET web site:

Oh well - I was hoping for something new. But the fact remains that the folks at Dr. Dobb’s have collected a good number of IIS and Windows-related videos and put them all in one place, so it's a nice reference to have around.

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