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  • LogParser – Useful Logparser scripts

    Logparser is a powerful utility which comes handy for me whenever I’m helping my customers facing a problem with slow running pages, frequently hit pages, post mortem analysis to find what went wrong on IIS, et al. You can use Logparser to parse your IIS logs to health check the state of your server, and the requests it had served. Below are few LogParser scripts, and their corresponding output in chart format – you can choose your own format, but isn’t a picture worth a 1000 words?

  • IIS7 – ASP.NET on Windows Server 2008 Server Core R2

    If you are a Server Core fan, and wished you could host ASP.NET websites in Server Core, then feel better, you wish had come true. Windows Server 2008 R2’s Server Core will have .NET Framework which means, ASP.NET too. This is a big news for all those wanted to deploy Server Core, but stopped because .NET Fx wasn’t there in the RTM release.