The IIS 7.0 Resource Kit Book

The IIS 7.0 Resource Kit Book is out! Coming straight from yours truly, the IIS 7.0 team, and some of our best MVPs, this book has all the conceptual background and details you'll need to understand the principles behind the web server platform, and take full advantage of it.

IIS 7.0 resource kit book cover

The book covers:

  1. IIS 7.0 architecture
  2. The new configuration system
  3. Using the IIS Manager, and command line tools
  4. Managing IIS 7.0 web sites, applications, and other intrinsic objects
  5. Managing the web server extensibility, including web server modules, configuration extensions, and IIS Manager plugins
  6. Integrating application development frameworks with IIS 7.0, including in-depth coverage of ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP 
  7. Hardening IIS 7.0 security and using the security features
  8. Logging, troubleshooting, and performance tuning
  9. and more ...

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