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  • Remove zombie websites from your IIS server

    Zombie websites get created whenever the root application of a website is removed, orphaning the rest of the application content in your website. Because IIS requires the root of the website to be an application, this effectively renders the website inaccessible: It cannot serve requests It does not show up in InetMgr It will likely [...]
  • Automatically diagnose every IIS and ASP.NET error in your sites

    What if someone automatically diagnosed every error in your IIS site? It would probably help you quickly fix all the lingering bugs in your apps … and make a lot of your users really happy.  The hours you would save tracking down and figuring out that intermittent 500.19 error would probably make you really happy, [...]
  • Is your TableServiceContext missing IgnoreResourceNotFoundException when building with .NET Framework 3.5 System.Data.Services.Client.dll?

    If you are developing code with Azure tables, and building against .NET 3.5 DLLs, you may encounter a compilation error like this: "The name 'IgnoreResourceNotFoundException' does not exist in the current context" At LeanSentry, we do a lot of custom Azure development to power our scalable data backend.  Now, most of our codebase is using [...]
  • Configure IIS websites on Windows Azure with startup tasks and AppCmd

    At LeanSentry, we use Windows Azure heavily to scale out our extensive data collection and diagnostic data processing.   Just like anyone else, we have our fair share of difficulties with deploying and configuring our web roles, esp. when it comes to more advanced configuration.  As a result, we often rely on startup tasks to [...]
  • Troubleshoot Windows Azure apps with LeanSentry in seconds!

    We all know that getting visibility into Azure apps can be painful! Over at LeanSentry, our big goal is to make troubleshooting Azure apps just as easy as we make it for standard hosting environments. To make this easy, we just released the Azure Nuget package for LeanSentry.  With this, it literally takes 2 seconds [...]
  • Blogging again!

    After a long pause in writing on this blog, I am excited to be back. Its been a very crazy time at LeanServer, where we’ve been working on a number of high-scalability projects for the Windows web platform with some big companies including, the orchard, Microsoft, and so on. However, perhaps the biggest thing [...]