System Center Community/MVP Update

As many of you have probably seen today, I have announced my resignation from Microsoft to go to a System Center partner company.  Friday will be my last official day at Microsoft, but I don’t plan on changing my personal level of commitment to the System Center community.  I’ll still be blogging, answering questions on forums, presenting at conferences, and working very closely with Microsoft on channeling the feedback I see on the community into building great solutions.

For me, this move is simply one of those situations where it was an opportunity for me to feed my inner entrepreneur and software developer.  System Center is alive and well.  Amazing things are happening and will continue to happen.  I’m excited to continue to be a part of the evolution of System Center, albeit in a different role.

I recently hired System Center MVP Christian Booth (@chbooth) to my team at Microsoft.  I am especially thankful today that he is filling my shoes.  He is an outstanding community contributor, extremely knowledgeable about System Center, and influential inside and out of Microsoft.  He has been and will continue to manage Microsoft’s relationship with the System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVPs and community at large.

Microsoft also has a phenomenal team of people sitting literally right next to Christian that are producing really great content around Windows Server and System Center on the Building Clouds blog.  Definitely check that out!

Microsoft is committed to community.  I’m committed to the community.  Not much really changes except for my email address.  I’ll see you out there!

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