Huge growth in Microsoft’s market share for web servers!

Millions of people out there are using IIS to host their websites, but we all know it’s not the only product on the market. For many years, Apache was leading with a significant margin, but things are finally starting to change.

According to NetCraft, a research company from the UK which specializes in analyzing the web and hosting market, IIS has had a huge spike in market share recently. According to the report they released a few days ago, IIS had almost 50 million new sites during February, increasing it’s market share by 19%.

This is great news because it’s not only a large increase by itself, but also means that 32.8% of the websites in the world are running on Microsoft servers. This bring IIS close to a nose-to-nose with Apache (at 38% market share).

According to our own survey, IIS 7.5 is the most popular version, running on about 60% of the IIS Servers on the public internet. Neither this or NetCraft’s data include internal servers, such as those running SharePoint inside the corporate network of many companies, so the actual percentage is probably even higher.

The full details of the NetCraft survey:

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