Building a Resilient Organization

By David Bills, Chief Reliability Strategist, Trustworthy Computing

Things will go wrong – it’s not a matter of if, but strictly a matter of when. In my role, a large part of my focus is working with teams across Microsoft to identify the types of things that can go wrong in the complex ecosystem that makes up the cloud (everything from infrastructure to networks, to software - even administrator error), and build resilience into our services to ensure the impact - when things do go wrong - is minimized.

But if an organization truly wants to be resilient, there are many other facets of risk to consider.

This month Asia Futures magazine has published an article on organizational resilience, in which Pierre Noel, chief security officer and advisor, Microsoft Asia, shares his thoughts on the topic. The article looks at what it takes for an organization to be resilient, how to effectively plan for and mitigate disaster, and some of the specific challenges and opportunities on the theme of resilience.

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