A Former Microsoft IIS PM

Let's just be honest - life is so short that we just bleep this way & that way with no real claim to fame. I don't need no fame, just friends...and in this cyberworld we live I have you! I have been found... Welcome Friend! Posts here..well, they are just things that pop to this small, yet energized brain of mine!

  • Leaving Microsoft: Saying Goodbye...

    A term often expressed at the end of a journey is "its been a great ride."  I can't argue or complain with that expression as it is exactly how I feel after 7 years of fun at Microsoft.  The loose ends to tie up after this amount of time is vast so please do accept my apology for making a blog post one of the last things I did.

  • First IT Pro Focused IIS7 Book Hits Market: How to Cheat at IIS7

    One of the moonlighting activities I have been doing is driving the release of the first IT Pro (sysadmin, etc.) IIS7 book on the market.  This book started way back when we released Windows Vista & IIS7 and focuses heavily on giving many of you a head start on understanding the huge changes in IIS7.  I was the technical editor for this book and I did everything I possibly could to ensure that the book was 100% technically accurate though as is expected some things might just fall through the cracks.  In either event, you should certainly pick up a copy if you would like to learn about the IIS7 setup, brand new configuration core server, new administration tools, as well as diagnostics.

  • Diagnostics, Deployments, and History in IIS...

    In a recent trip back to Nashville, TN., I had the pleasure of meeting with some other IT professionals at a local Microsoft "shop."  We discussed several different things such as my feelings of Windows Server 2008, IIS7, and other various questions that most Microsoft employees get when they are chattin with customers.

  • Getting Started with IIS7 & Longhorn Server Beta 3

    Back when I lived in the real world, I remember tearing into Windows 2000 at beta milestones.  This included running 2000 professional on my desktop as well as building, stealing, or whatever I had to do to test hardware for my beta 2000 servers.  It was so much fun but so much darn time to just try and figure out how Microsoft was innovating from NT4.  There is cutting-edge and then there is "day job" security.  Fast forward 9 years and I find myself so antique, old as many would put it...

  • IIS7: Gettin' Ready...Are you Ready?

    For months, in fact years, the IIS team has found itself fighting an uphill battle with IIS7 and customers.  It is a proven fact that you can build amazing technology with a bucket-full of wanted features but until it is "real" - it is mostly hot air.  For quite some time, IIS7 hasn't been a real thing - the thing that you can get your hands on and deploy.  It is the moving target of "buzz words" and flashy demos to pull out the oohhs and ahhhs.  Buckle up podro - only the strong survive.

  • Getting Virtual Server '05 R2 Working on IIS7 in Longhorn Server

    With some nifty work and helpful insight, you can get Virtual Server 2005 working on Windows Server Code-named "Longhorn" just as I did this past weekend.  I took some time to also validate (i.e doc) what I was doing as to maybe help someone else out there who is trying the same darn thing.  The nice thing - I know a lot about IIS7 making it much, much easier than if someone doesn't.

  • An Insiders Look at IIS7 Features - Let's Chat

    The 50,000 foot view often isn't what you are looking for especially when you can't see the topic and\or features in action.  Instead, often you are only interested in seeing the functionality working and in action so that you can make sense out of it.  I recently took time during the IIS Webcast Series - a part of the Live from Redmond Series - to take on both perspectives.  You can see the higher level overiew in this webcast, while you can get the more visually appealing drill-down in this webcast - An Insider's Look into IIS7 Features.

  • Lego Set & IIS7 - Componentization Rules!

    In a recent webcast, I talked about how nice it is to have a componentize Web server.  It is more important for IT Professionals because nothing is more frustrating than having to patch, patch, and do more patching.  When our server, hopefully soon after Longhorn Server, gets true componentization of the Web sku it will be an awesome accomplishment.  For now, I will live with putting specialized IIS Web servers with minimal components on the internet, extranet, or heck the intranet where we have long dominated - with pleasure.  I spent an hour talking about the 40+ modules that comprise IIS, mostly native modules, and showed how we could strip them from our running processes.