Leaving Microsoft: Saying Goodbye...

A term often expressed at the end of a journey is "its been a great ride."  I can't argue or complain with that expression as it is exactly how I feel after 7 years of fun at Microsoft.  The loose ends to tie up after this amount of time is vast so please do accept my apology for making a blog post one of the last things I did.

My career has taken me down various paths and along the way I have made hundreds of friends.  They will be missed.

My Microsoft Career in a Snapshot

It is pretty straight forward.  At the center of my universe was IIS back when it was in version 4 while v5 was just about to hit the door.  I lived through the bad times - Code Red & Nimda - and many good times as we watched one happy customer after another deploy IIS 6.0.  I then spent time watching IIS 7.0 in it's infant stages to where it is basically complete and the next generation Web platform.

In either event, here were my roles:

  • May 2000 - August 2001:  Product Support Services IIS Engineer
  • August 2001 - August 2002:  Product Support Services Technical Lead - IIS
  • August 2002 - July 2005:  Product Support Services Beta Lead - IIS
  • July 2005 - July 2007:  Program Manager - IIS Product Unit

During IIS Product Unit tenure, here are some quick facts:

  • Building Moves:  1
  • Offices:  3
  • Managers:  2
  • Number of PMs (since Aug '02):  19 
  • Releases:  3
  • Re-orgs:  6

To my credit...

The one thing that many folks do while reflecting on a "career" at a place is think about the things they did.  Beyond that, they think about the things they also didn't do...As a quick glimpse, I thought I might share what are some of the things I am most proud of while working at Microsoft.  A discussion of the things I could have done better (or worse) then check out my new blog location.  I will also be talking a bit more about my experiences at MS that might answer the question you might ask...why would you leave?

  • Created SSL Diagnostics 1.0 with the help of Ulad Malashanka (UladM)
  • Developed Content for and Created the IIS Webcast Series
  • Developed AuthDiag 1.0 with the help of UladM
  • Created the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit suite (not all the tools, just the branded kit)
  • Led the TechEd 2005 team for IIS & ASP.NET
  • Delivered 4 TechEd talks
  • Visited 10 Countries and presented in the first-ever IIS Roadshow
  • Negotiated and owned the IIS.NET project

...Then I retired.

The final goodbye...

I left Microsoft officially on Monday, July 16th.  A great deal of folks found it odd that I chose Monday rather than the traditional Friday but I felt like I had good reason.  Friday, well... it was Friday the 13th.  I didn't want to tempt fate and throw caution to the wind and leave on this well-publicized Americanized bad day.  On Monday, I came to work for my final day to find that my buddies which I will miss dearly did me one final farewell.  It was sad while all along very funny.  I have been known over the years as they guy who carries a football to meetings, to the guy who talks funny (southern accent), and lastly to the guy who would usually have a well-stocked beer fridge in his office.  My leaving posed a serious threat to some on the team who find the ability to grab a beer during the day to chase away the daily Microsoft blues very appealing...

They blocked it - and did so in great fashion.

IMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0037 IMG_0036

For more, go here

Lets just say that I will you y'all too.

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  • So, why did you get fired ?

  • Hey,
    I didn't get fired - I chose to return home to Nashville. But thanks for following up...

  • Good luck out there, Chris.

    You will be missed in IIS Land!

    Chris Neppes and Port80 Software

  • Hey Chris,
    Thanks! It was fun working with you and the gang at Port80. I wish y'all the best and maybe we can catch up sometime at a future TechEd!

  • Chris,

    Why don't he write????

    Back in Nashville, huh? We were hoping that you would show up at Sidelines this weekend to watch the Kentucky/Florida game. I guess you're cheering the Cats on from Nashville. Look us up when you're out in Seattle visiting. Are you going to the Vanderbilt game?


  • Hey Carolyn,

    Oops, I am busted. I did forget to write! There was a lot of things going on that caused me to forget my faithful 'ole UK alum friends! Tracey & Jesse are still not moved yet because the house hasn't sold so not officially moved yet. I am here, though, working at my new gig.

    I can't make Sidelines as I will unfortunately () be in the stands on Saturday night to watch us hopefully rip the Gators! I do have tickets for the Vandy game... :)


  • Hey folks-

    Before the secret sneaks out, I thought I would say that due to some personal life changing events that I am now back at Microsoft. I will not be posting to this blog further but will find a home soon for my new adventures. I would love to hear from my old friends (e.g. customers, etc.) if you find this at chris@yuppieredneck.com.

    Take care folks,

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