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The 50,000 foot view often isn't what you are looking for especially when you can't see the topic and\or features in action.  Instead, often you are only interested in seeing the functionality working and in action so that you can make sense out of it.  I recently took time during the IIS Webcast Series - a part of the Live from Redmond Series - to take on both perspectives.  You can see the higher level overiew in this webcast, while you can get the more visually appealing drill-down in this webcast - An Insider's Look into IIS7 Features.

Agenda:  Cover it All!

In the latter webcast, I covered a little bit of everything in this 78-minute webcast.  I started with looking at the new core server, in particular deploying a native module and then protecting my entire Web application with a managed code module that does basic authentication.  I reviewed the new architectural changes in IIS7 and also how these changes, along with the new core server, make IIS7 very appealing to everyone.

Moving on to security, I showed how URLScan's functionality previously delivered as an ISAPI filter, is now a native part of IIS7.  In particular, I limited the query string characters allowed for my Web application.  Lastly, I used our new command-line utility AppCmd to locate the currently executing requests as well as the new IIS Manager.

To review, I showed the following:

  • Extending the server with a Native Module (ModExpire)
  • Extend the server with managed code to protect Web application with Basic Authentication
  • Strip the Web server to a few, small running pieces
  • Add to the stripped down Web server by adding an ISAPI extension
  • Restrict query string parameters accepted by my Web application using IIS7's Request Filtering feature
  • Detect long running requests using AppCmd & IIS Manager
  • Add IIS Manager modules with custom functionality
  • View IIS log files & trace files in IIS Manager

Are you ready?

As new as IIS7 is to many of you, I suspect that any or all of the above will is intriguing.  If this is the case, you might be interested in learning more by viewing this webcast. 

View Online - An Insider's Look at IIS7 Features

Get the Powerpoint - and Read up!

Webcasts are a nice medium for many to visually learn.  For many though, it simply takes too much time and too much investment.  These individuals often subscribe to the "Just the Facts, Ma'am, Just the Facts" :) and just want the meat.  For those of you in this category, I have made available the slide deck while for others they can read a plethora of good articles on IIS.NET's IIS7 homepage.  Finally, there are some really good videos available on IIS.NET about IIS7 that are great overviews of the strong feature base that many of you love to watch.

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