New IIS7 extensions available for download!

One of the best parts of being on the IIS team is shipping great software.  First there was IIS7, now you can expect to see lots of great extensions for the best Web server in the world that plug-in seamlessly using the new IIS7 extensibility model.  When IIS7 launched, we also shipped several new free extensions which I linked to in my last post.  Now we're at it again...the past few weeks we've shipped several more ultra-cool modules free for download.  Check out:


Administration Pack for IIS7

This technical preview adds seven new administration features to IIS Manager with some never-seen-before administration capabilities, including:  

Database manager, which provides built-in SQL Server management, including the ability to create, delete and edit tables and indexes, manage stored procedures and execute custom queries (just like sql query analyzer).  Best of all, it is fully integrated into IIS manager, remotes through the IIS Manager administration services (over HTTP/SSL), and works for local administrators and delegated users alike.

IIS reports, which provides built-in reports that provide fancy charts and HTML reports of your log file data (like popular URLs, status code, user agent, etc. etc.) it let's you filter by date range, print reports or save them to an archive.  As a built-in IIS Manager module, it remotes over HTTP/SSL, and works great for delegated as well as local administrators. 

Configuration Editor, which provides built-in support for editing ALL configuration sections through a single configuration feature.  This power toy is an advanced feature which can even auto-generate scripts based on your configuration changes!

Request Filtering UI, which provides support for the IIS7 built-in request filtering feature.   

FastCGI UI, which provides support for the editing the all new built-in <fastCGI> feature which allows for fast and reliable hosting of open source frameworks like PHP

.NET Authorization rules editor, which allows you to manage the ASP.NET <authorization> section via the IIS manager tool.  Don't confuse this with the all-new IIS7 URLauthorization feature. 

.NET Errors configuration editor, which allows you to manage the ASP.NET custom errors feature <customErrors>.  Don't confuse this with the all-new IIS7 httpErrors feature.

You can download the Administration pack (x86) and (x64) today!  Check out the chapter for more information on each feature. 


IIS7 Media Pack Bit Rate Throttling Module

This cool feature is now available in final release form and provides intelligent progressive download of rich media content (audio and video files) for all the popular types including WMV, flash video, quicktime, MP4, and more!  If you have media on your Web site, or want to throttle downloads of your large files, this is a must have feature.  Scott Hanselman has an awesome post on this feature on his blog. 

You can download the Bit Rate throttling module (x86) and (x64) today!  Check out the chapter on media serving for more information!


WebDAV for IIS7

This cool feature actually shipped at the same time as IIS7, but I somehow forgot to link to it.  WebDAV provides an all-new implementation of this HTTP standards way of publishing files over HTTP.  Read more about WebDAV in Robert's post here

You can download the WebDAV module (x86) and (x64) today!  Check out the chapter for more information on using WebDAV. 


What can I say, the IIS team rocks. ;)


  • I got following exception on (x86) Vista:

    "Method not found:

  • Hi Alexei - you may need to install Vista SP1 in order for the modules to work. Do you have SP1 installed? Can you give more information on where and when the error is occurring?

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