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  • Free IIS7 Web Hosting

    If you haven't heard the news yet, there are already several Web hosters running Longhorn Server Beta 3 and offering free IIS7 web sites!  As part of our ramp-up to Beta 3, we engaged some really terrific hosters who were willing to spend many long days (and nights) working with us under a very tight schedule to validate that Beta 3 was ready for release.  They've already given us invaluable feedback and have now deployed Beta 3 live on the internet under the GoLive license.  Whether you have an account with one of these Web hosters or not, take them up on a free site and give IIS7 a spin while you're waiting for the Longhorn Beta to download

  • Windows Media Server Beta 3 Available for Download

    A few months ago, the IIS team received the charter of taking Media Serving forward, and merged together with the Windows Media server (WMS) team.  This exciting new change at Microsoft was spurred by the fact that Video is becoming one of the most popular types of content on the Web, so what better way to ensure Web serving and Media serving work well together than to bring the engineering teams under one roof?
    Bringing the teams together was the first step toward creating a more integrated Web and Video server, and today we're excited to announce the second step.  I'm pleased to announce that Windows Media server (WMS) Beta 3 for Longhorn Server is now available for download on the Web.  WMS is a very feature rich and popular media server, capable of live and on-demand broadcasting of audio and video.  It has many cutting edge features that no other media server can touch, which is one of the reasons it is the most popular media server around - in the enterprise and on the internet. 

  • Beta 3 Released: Learn what's new in IIS7!

    Today we're very excited to announce the Beta 3 release of IIS7 as part of Longhorn Server.  IIS7 is the biggest release of IIS in the history of the product, and this beta release marks the biggest milestone for the product team.  Ever since the Vista project locked down in late summer of 2006, we've been hard at work on IIS7 getting it ready for production server environments.  We think it is ready.  And along with today's release, we have some exciting announcements to make: