IIS Media Services 4 released

Last week my team delivered another amazing update to IIS Media Services with the announcement of general availability of our 4th major release. 

IIS Media Services is a free and completely modern way to deliver streaming video on the Web.  It is so popular that some of the biggest video events on the Web choose IIS Media Services to deliver their content, including the Vancouver olympics earlier this year as well as Sunday Night Football here in the United States.

IIS Media Services delivers amazing HD content that plays back smooth on Mac OSX, Windows and with the new release also on the iPhone and iPad.  New advanced capabilities are also available for iOS devices, including:

  • Live DVR – Pause, Rewind, Seek
  • Archiving – saves the live content for DVR use or later on-demand playback
  • Archive Segmentation – breaks a long broadcast archive into shorter clips for storage purposes
  • AES Encryption – keeps your content safe while streaming
  • B-frame support – provides better picture quality
  • Compatibility mode for iOS3 devices

IIS Media Services can stream on-demand content as well as Live video with incredibly low latency with updates pushed from origin to endpoint in as low as 2 seconds! 

The experience is so incredible that our partner CTV, who delivered the on-demand content for the Olympics, just won a Gemini Award for their work (for those not familiar with this award, it is the equivalent of the Emmy's here in the United States).  Here is what the judges said:   

To do so, the team created an immersive, HD-quality live streaming player which enabled Canadians to pause, replay and rewind the live broadcast while being guided to key moments in time through an interactive and data-embedded video player. This live video player was key to the website’s overwhelming success. In the period from February 12th to 28th, the website delivered record results for interactive and online viewing in Canada: 215 million page views to 12.3 million unique visitors, with 28.5 million videos viewed.

 You can download IIS Media Services for free on the http://iis.net/media web site. 

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  • Do you have to uninstall Media Services 4.0 Beta to install the new version? I'm trying to use the web platform installer but it tells me it's already installed, but I know I only have the beta.

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