MTS 2008 - IIS7 Session

In an hour or so I will be on stage at the Microsoft Technology Summit.  I think I've presented every year since they started MTS - a small conference here in Redmond for technology influentials, particularly those of competitive platforms.  It's always one of the most enjoyable conferences of the year for me as you get to hear a wide variety of perspectives. 

This year I'm doing something different.  I'm not going to bring a slide deck.  I've been doing so many presentations lately, spending many, many hours polishing powerpoint decks then presenting well structured "value propositions" and "customer scenarios" that I'm feeling a little burned out of that shtick.  So instead I'm going to just talk about the work we've done in IIS7, and the work we're starting to do now, by using the product.  Hopefully it will be a little more relaxed, a lot of interactive, equally if not more informative.  :)

Just in case...I know there are some who prefer powerpoints and would rather read up on their own, I'm going to publish the powerpoint deck I gave at the Windows 2008 launch event in Los Angeles.  It gives a good overview of IIS7 and the cool new features we've added.  Grab it in ppt (10MB) flavor. 

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