IIS7 Wallpaper and Fun

If you've ever seen me talk about IIS7, you may have noticed non-standard wallpapers on my desktop.  I like to change my desktop image with every major conference or presentation I give.  It keeps life interesting.  Over the past year or so I've collected my wallpapers, and decided now would be a good time to share them out here: http://wallpaper.iis7.org.

And what better way to do that than a real live production IIS7 web site running my custom directory listing module?  (If you've ever seen me demo, you've probably seen it in action too!)  I added output caching support to the module, to help performance in sending all those  thumbnail and image previews.  .NET is so cool. 

Note: if you hit the site and it appears down, it is probably because we are 1) debugging a failure or 2) upgrading to a new daily build.  This is what we call 'dogfooding' here at Microsoft.  We run our own software with the goal of trying to make it break, which is sometimes counterproductive to keeping sites up. :)

The Original IIS7.JPG file is the first IIS7 logo I think I made (successfully) and turned into one of the more popular t-shirts we've ever had on the team.  Funny how sometimes simple is better.

For a while, I must have had world domination on my mind, or maybe I was just impressed with Google Earth, because I put out a couple earthly themed desktops.

Eric Deily, a PM on my team, LOVES lens flair.  He loves it so much I had to make him some special desktop wallpaper, during my lens flair period.

As Beta 2 drew nearer and nearer, I was inspired to create several  Beta 2 themed desktops.

At one of the team meetings a few months ago, I wanted to focus on pushing the quality of IIS7 up.  Inspired by the Dodge Ram commercials, I came up with a new motto for IIS7 at the meeting.

And last, but not least, I entered the brushed metal phase.  You can find this wallpaper on the VirtualLabs.IIS.net site. 

I registered the iis7.org domain a while back, and have it hosted at WinISP - a small team here at Microsoft that runs a hosting datacenter for Microsoft employees.  They are an awesome group and live on the bleeding edge, testing beta and pre-beta versions of every kind of software Microsoft makes. 

Speaking of bleeding edge, I got a call from Apple today.  No, not the company, the store. And if yesterday was Christmas Eve, today was Christmas!  :)  They had just received the 17" MacBook Pro I was interested in. What better way to celebrate the Vista Beta 2 and IIS7 release than to get a cool piece of hardware to run it on?  So I installed Vista Beta 2 on it tonight and it run great, using these instructions.  It runs faster than my IBM Thinkpad T43p, by a mile.  Does this mean I'm the first person in the world to run IIS7 on a Mac? :)


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