IIS7 request routing and load balancing module released!

The Application Request Router (ARR) has reached final release and is now available as a free, fully-supported download for IIS7!  ARR enables Web server administrators and hosting providers and to increase Web application reliability and scalability through rule-based routing and load balancing of HTTP server requests. With ARR, administrators can optimize resource utilization for application servers to reduce management costs for Web farms and shared hosting environments.  Read more about the key scenarios and features of ARR on the IIS.net/extension site.

For more information on the ARR release, including new features just added as well as links to documentation and how-to get started, see Won’s blog post (Won ran the ARR project and is the Program Manager for the feature team).

Download ARR v1 today!  You can download ARR, and all of the other cool IIS7 extensions, with the Web Platform Installer (Web PI).  Web PI has been updated to include the ARR release and makes it super easy to install the entire platform – IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Express and even our development tools like Visual Web Developer Express.  Web PI is always up to date with the latest new features and fixes for all the technologies that make up the Microsoft Web Platform.  You can also find direct download links for X86 and x64 on Won’s blog post, if you prefer.


  • Will the Web Platform Installer uninstall the ARR CTP1 for me? Also, I have URL Rewrite module already installed and WPI still offers this feature as if it was missing from my server. That confuses me a little...

  • Hi BorekBernard - Web PI will not uninstall RC versions...you'll want to do that through add/remove programs. I'm not sure why Web PI is showing URL rewrite as not installed...do you have the final release of it installed or a pre-release version? Could you post your issue to the forums http://forums.iis.net/1155.aspx and ask them to take a look?

  • Thanks for your response Bill, I will ask in that forum.

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