Find New IIS7 Extensions at

I’m happy to announce that IIS7 Extensions have found their home at

Every since IIS7 shipped 9 months ago, the IIS team has been cranking away adding new features to the platform.  Last time I blogged about how we do this, I realized we didn’t have a single place to learn about all of them, so I kicked off an effort within the team to create this.  Now that the pages are up, it is amazing to see how many new capabilities are already available on top of IIS7…which all by itself had more new features than any other IIS release in the history of the product.  It is a testament to not only the ingenuity and hard work of the IIS team, but a real validation that IIS7 is not just a Web server, it is a server platform.  All of these new features are built on top of public extensibility points that any developer can use, and provide a seamless runtime, configuration and administration experience that looks and feels like they were built into the product to begin with!  Here they are:

Landing page:

Check out the more than a dozen new features available today!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding video demos of each feature and more new content.  Stay tuned for many cool new features to come!


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