WebMatrix product support ends on November 1st, 2017

Hi everyone

After a long and successful run, Microsoft has decided to end formal support of WebMatrix.  Formal support will end on November 1st, 2017.  Community support will continue on the WebMatrix forums 

Please take a look at Visual Studio Code, our new, free, open source, multi-platform editor!  VS Code support git integration, extensions and a whole bunch of other great features!


The WebMatrix team


  • Would Microsoft consider releasing WebMatrix as an source code project?

  • Very Very Sad,

    I hope it will stay.

  • This is extremely sad because, as much as I super love VS Code for my web design/dev routines, when working with things like Umbraco or any other large thing open to errors when uploading to your host/server if you use a normal FTP program, there's nothing around better than WebMatrix's transfer wizard! The process is simple, totally visual and super fast. And that was not the only thing that is way faster to do in it.

    Although one thing always bugged me since I migrated to Win10 past year: every single time I tried to update my WebMatrix since then, it always breaks my taskbar and Start and I have to restore to make Win10 work normal again.

    Anyway, I`ll greatly miss WebMatrix and I will be looking forward until Microsoft implement those features on VS Code or improve it on Visual Studio.

  • WebMatrix is good/pwoerful enough, VS code is a bit complex. so keeping WebMatrix alive forever.

  • Obviously Im addicted to the term Matrix be it the movie, or its meaning. Thus, WebMatrix offers to me, seamless "superhighway"method for creating web applications.

    I know the WebMatrix team have cogent reasons for discontinuing this superb tool, i hope they will stick to the KISS(keep it Simple, Silly) simplistic gui approach when adding patches and upgrades to Vs code.

    But for the moment, i still remain a loyal patriot of WebMatrix. Atta Boy, dear WebMatrix! I'll surely miss you.

  • WebMatrix this is small star

  • Bad News. I like it much!

  • What a shame, I ve started learning web programming with webmatrix and it's difficult to switch to something else now. Great little tool. Hope they will continue asp.net web pages because some of us don't need so complex patterns like mvc. All the best

  • Please don't stop webmatrix, it's perfect.

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  • is VS Code is the same as webmatrix? or different program? I've tried VS Code and they're not the same,,

  • This is a terrible way of considering developers!

    I will keep using Webmatrix with Razor and c#.
    It has (had?) ALL I need to develop, not all that fancy useless IDE interface.
    We need to spend our time programming, not learning interfaces everyday.
    And, it's not true that new tools get you to work faster.
    Finally, if something works well, why must we change?
    VS Code looks crap even on the website presentation.

  • How does this affect the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI)?
    Apparently WebMatrix is installed as part of Web PI, as it automatically opens WebMatrix during the installation.
    Does VS Code have the same functionality?
    Will Web PI be updated when support for WebMatrix ends, or will Web PI become crippled?

  • WebMatrix is one of the best tools I've ever used. So transparent, articulate and clear. This VSC is obscure and unintuitive, not to use bad words... It's pure wonder MS didn't go to hell with this business logic.

  • With Webmatrix I maintain several sites as a volunteer. I 'll happy to switch to Visual Studio Code if you want me to, but at least give some tutorial with which I can recover my years of experiences with Webmatrix for VS Code: remote management of the site, deploy a new site, develop locally with multi-browser support, ...

  • our company is huge and many lines of business need to create website for their own use. Webmatrix is simple and easy to use for many non-professional web developer like me. Many people in my company also use it. So it's sad to see it go.

  • not sure why

  • Why is it that very good tools keep getting tossed in favor of the ginormous VS-ish monoliths? WebMatrix is better that many commercial products on the market (dreamweaver??? - ugh!), is lighter, and has been the perfect cross-platform/cross-CMS/cross language development. <sigh>

  • Thank you for sharing the Information with us.. Wish to see many such great posts.. Cheers!

  • Shame to see the replacement, VS Code, is for geeks instead of the market that WebMatrix serviced. Say the first page where some guy bragged about making his first commit in less than 15 seconds. I don't even know what a commit is so not sure VSCode is for me.

  • Cant microsoft just keep webmatrix going for a price? I'm happy to pay a subscription to keep it going, if money is the issue... Or, hand it over to the community to keep alive.... I need to update the nuget package and it says to go to extensions, but the extensions has been closed... Just keep webmatrix going..

  • Wow...thanks alot Microsoft, I finally got used to this tool and liked it quite a bit and then suddenly it's support ends. I now quickly need to give modifications to my projects on webmatrix, and simply have no time to try getting used to some new tool, would be great to get webmatrix at least for a while, but hey - not downloadable.

    Would be really great to get IN PROGRAM warning before hand about it's support ending, I'm sure you gave notice in website or forums or whatever, but I'm sorry I just don't read those when I have no need.

    well looks like third party downloading is the only way left...

  • It is so unfortunate that Microsoft stops such a great product. I would suggest MS should leave it to open source community, if it does want to support webmatrix.

  • I am very saddened by this. I learned web development thanks to Web Matrix when I was a beginner 2 years ago. I am now a professional web developer with a great company thanks in large part to web matrix's ease of use that made learning web development much easier.

    I now use Visual Studio Enterprise at work, but I may have never gotten there without Web Matrix to hold my hand in the beginning.

    I really, Really hope Microsoft release this great tool to the open source community.

  • VS Code is good powerful but webmatrix is just more efficient. Keep it around.

  • It is such a great tools to develop web. I'm extremely sad with this announcement.

  • Notícia muito ruim. O que eu adorava no WebMatrix é o fato dele resolver as ferramentas que você precisa e já instalar elas conforme necessidade.

    Se não tem PHP... POOW! Ele instala. Visual Studio Code não tem isso
    Se não tem MySQL... POOOW! Ele instala. Visual Studio Code não tem isso
    Se não tem SQL Server Express... POW! Ele instala. Visual Studio Code não tem isso

    Vai ser muito horrível montar um ambiente de desenvolvimento de maneira rápida e eficaz com o Visual Studio Code.

  • I hate you guys!

    Webmatrix is the only good program that you have!

  • please keep it alive. please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Webmatrix is what I use to upload websites to my host and to edit website code. I am not sure VS Code can do most of what Webmatrix do. Hope VS Code will be updated to do that.

  • Great! I'll let the part time administrative assistance who's job it is to update a customers static web site using Web Matrix that she'll now have to learn to code to do her job. Or let her boss know she needs to be replaced with someone more technical. :-(

  • Es lamentable, es una herramienta muy útil, los plugins y por ser un programa tan liviano me ha sido de gran ayuda, y con el soporte nativo de PHP en IIS, no deberían de quitar esta herramienta, VisualStudio Code no tiene todas las herramientas que uno necesita, muy mal por parte de Microsoft

  • Since you're dumping support for this very effective and simple to use tool, are you providing a simple migration path from Webmatrix to Visual Studio? i.e "Import from Webmatrix"?

  • You dam idiots!!! You drop the only tool that easily connects to Azure web apps and allows us to directly edit those apps live. What a bunch of losers!!! I will pray every single night that the Ahole that made this decision gets fired from his job. I hope you ROT in poverty the rest of your life!!!

  • Will there be a version supporting Javascript ES6?

  • Wow! That is sad to hear that WebMatrix is going to end. Reminds me of the good old days.

  • I do not know why people here are getting emotional, it's just a program and not a human. lol

  • Here the only important thing for MS is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    So that's why I always try don't use MS products....

  • date a customers static web site using Web Matrix that she'll now have to learn to code to do her job. Or let her boss know she needs to be replaced with someone more technical

  • I have to agree with many of the posts here. WebMatrix is a fantastic website development tool - especially for quickly learning the nuts and bolts of building websites. Combined with a decent book (Mike Brind and Imar Spaanjaars ' 'Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix', for example) and the excellent online tutorial by Tom FitzMacken one can quickly learn how to build complicated sites from scratch. Rather than ditch something that works well it might have been better to improve and build on it...I, for one, would have liked to see a few improvements to the built-in Compact SQL Database so that it had more of the SQL Server Management Studio functionality without losing its ease of use.

  • Has anyone written guide or book that uses Visual Studio to work in the simple way that WebMatrix did? For example a book that would mirror the "Beginning Asp.net Web Pages using Webmatrix" that gives extensions and templates, razor code etc. that allow those that are not professional programmers to update their Webmatrix apps to VS.

  • Microsoft always does this. They development a tool, you invest the time to learn the tool and then after a couple of years they throw it out in the name of progress.
    Everything you learned it now useless. Did the same thing with InfoPath, Visual Basic, ASP Webforms.

  • Wow, this is not good news for me. I recognize that it is a free product so I have very little leverage but I sorely need some transition support to help migrate to VS Code or VS Studio. I'm trying VS Code and it does not seem to be anything close to Webmatrix. Webmatrix is so much more than a code editor. How do I Publish to my Azure website, where is SQL CE and Razor? Aas you certainly know, VS Studio is a huge increase in complexity. Please create some transition document long before support expires. Thank you.

  • wow!thank you for sharing info

  • I really wish there was some way to extend the life of webmatrix. Visual Studio is great, but sometimes you only need a rifle and not an Abrams tank. Webmatrix has a ton of uses.

  • @MS: can you respond on the FIRST comment here:
    Would Microsoft consider releasing WebMatrix as an source code project?

  • Is there really anyone is Microsoft that thinks that Visual Studio Code can stand up to WebMatrix? What's the catch with all those crazy ppl...
    They have a perfect product yet they are giving up on it. Are everyone in MS using drugs?!

  • I have been using FrontPage2003 way back and now expression web 4. almost all software becomes End Of Live software..... pretty tired to learn another products from Microsoft it keep ending soon we get use to it... wasted or time..

  • Is there really anyone is Microsoft that thinks that Visual Studio Code can stand up to WebMatrix? What's the catch with all those crazy ppl...
    They have a perfect product yet they are giving up on it. Are everyone in MS using drugs?!

  • Is this a joke ???!!!!!!
    There is no alternatives for WebMatrtix

  • What a waste. MS finally came up with a usable product that made building sites quick and easy. Instead they opt for the massively complex jumble that is VS, a monstrosity of poor code written to cover up for even worse code.

    What a load of junk. Now I have to take all of my simplified WebMatrix sites and 'crappify' them to keep up with your never ending train of abandoned projects. Get it together guys.

  • WebMatrix is good/pwoerful enough, VS code is a bit complex. so keeping WebMatrix alive forever.

  • very sad news,

  • Disappointed here with Web Matrix plans. Microsoft should be turning over a new leaf with cloud computing showing that they can be trusted with apps and deployment methods. Since I've been working with Microsoft over 15+ years they've always been pulling this bait and switch. For example, at the hospital where I work we were about to deploy Epic built on .Net 1.0, after years of development--then Microsoft dropped all support for .Net 1.0. If Microsoft developed COBOL, big business would have been in trouble long ago.... Can you really trust them with your business in the cloud?

  • Indeed, it's a shame - the end of Webmatrix.
    Webmatrix was certainly among the most usable, intuitive and congruent tools I've ever used - a pure delight with the Wordpress/PHP pack etc. and minimal but capable IDE. I'm growing increasingly skeptical that our current systems (techno-capital-brand driven-consolidation) truly encourages the survival of the best solutions.

    We are all baffled by how such a beloved and functional tool can be considered no longer worthy of extension/integration/survival.

    I actually like the replacement, VS Code - I think it's simple and clean but it's not Webmatrix.

    Hopefully VSC will eventually allow me to easily and seamlessly set up and manage the full L/WAMP stack for Wordpress development among other remarkably refreshing utilities of the marvelous Webmatrix tool, so tightly bundled and accessible - but I can only assume that someone in finance saw that the problems so elegantly solved by web matrix are not problems with solutions that maximize margin or help stitch together the brand sufficiently.

    Regardless - this s*cks.


  • Webmatrix should not be replaced. it is less complex than VS code.

  • OK, how do I use VS Code for Web Deploy? Your tutorials still say to use WebMatrix. Or is this just another non-equivalent technology that you've retired in order to ham-fistedly push everything to the perma-buggy VS base?

  • I never use Microsoft products besides their OS. All of them are slow and bulky, the pure definition of feature creep. Just because something CAN do everything doesn't mean it does it BETTER.

    Webmatrix is an efficient, lightweight, awesome tool that does what it does in an amazing way. I hope they open source the software because I wasn't to keep using it for web dev. VS is crap in my opinion I use code blocks for C++ and monoDevelop for C#

  • Agreed with you.. web matrix is not replaceable.

  • Microsoft is killing one of its best products ever !!!

  • I still use web matrix, way easier to edit code and run on my localhost. As they say if it ain't broke...

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