Retiring the WebMatrix Extensions Gallery

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What's Happening?

The WebMatrix Extension Gallery is going offline and will no longer be directly available through the WebMatrix UI.  

Are the Extensions gone?

No, we are making the entire Gallery available as a download - you can get all your favorite extensions here:

Why the change?

WebMatrix is going to move out of official product support soon and as part of that, the team is winding down various parts of the program

What other options are there?

Please take a look at Visual Studio Code -


The WebMatrix Team


  • This is a terrible move.
    While I understand to push into new tools the support of tools many of us have come to love and is a big part of out work, it's sad that we are forced into something we did not choose to do ourselves.

  • I agree, this is a terrible move.
    I will keep using Webmatrix with Razor and c#.
    It has (had?) ALL I need to develop, not all that fancy useless IDE interface.
    We need to spend our time programming, not learning interface.
    And if something works well, why must we change?

  • This is too bad!
    I use Webmatrix exclusively and I will continue to use it.
    I do not want to use and do not need, Visual Studio.
    I don't see the need to retire the extensions gallery at all!

  • It's a horrible decision to remove the extensions option from Webmatrix.

  • Really love WEbmatrix. Find VS way to hard to understand. Bring back WebMatrix

  • I downloaded and unzipped the gallery. Now how do I install the required extensions

  • very disappointed.

  • How to install the packages ?????

  • -Download the zip package, unzip into any directory locally..

    -Open that directory in windows explorer and right click the address bar, 'copy address as text' (eg. e:/downloads/webmatrixextensions/ )

    -In webmatrix click on the extensions button and select 'add source' in the bottom left menu

    -Name it anything u want, and paste that address in the URL box and click 'Add'

    -All the extensions are available now... Although it still wont update Nuget.. such a shame, web matrix is, no... was awesome.....

  • Extremely lame...

  • Will you publish webmatrix source code to GitHub?

    Some forget that webmatrix makes like very simple for the little guys such a shame.

  • its very sad, i been using it since a long time.

  • Why don't you guys make WebMatrix open source?
    Since you guys don't have the time to maintain it, we do! Please!!!

  • Hello, does this URL work any more?

  • I just tested this and it worked for me

  • Yes, please make it opensource. Webmatrix has all the functionality you need as a basic programmer that is not working in a team and just develops basic to medium advanced web apps. I have tried Visual Code but the DB editor is terrible. Please guys keep it accessible because it was a great product.

    Best regards,

    Jan Steen

  • I have been trying to install Microsoft.AspNet.Webpages and couple other.
    I get error saying - An error occurred. Unable to resolve dependency 'Microsoft.AspNet.Razor (≥ 2.0.20327.0)'.

    What do I do?

  • Hi, I put the Gallery inside Webmatrix, but I can't find Wordpress; and thank you for your help

  • What a bad move to close Webmatrix.
    VS and VScode just don't have that simple approach to coding, including the automation o website publishing.

  • This is too bad!
    I wrote more than 300 projects with webmatrix and I addicted to it. so I use Webmatrix exclusively and I will continue to use it.
    I do not want to use and do not need Visual Studio.
    I don't see the need to retire the extensions gallery at all!
    it's sad that we are forced into something we did not choose to do ourselves.

  • Extremely bad decision. One of the best development environment has been killed. RIP Webmatrix

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