Web Playlists Go Live release is now ready for downloads

I am really excited to announce that Web Playlists Go Live was just released to public. Here are the download links for the same:

Here is a list of walkthroughs published on the all new learn.iis.net:

Here is more about this release: http://www.iis.net/Downloads/files/playlist/WebPlaylists_Readme_GoLive.htm.  

For general information on how Web Playlists work, please see this post.

Web Playlists Go Live release includes these key features:

  • Support for all digital media files types. Any digital media file type that can be downloaded from a Web server can be added to a Web playlist by using this feature.
  • Nested Web playlist media entries. Web playlist files (.isx) can be added as media entries to the Web playlists that you create, up to five levels deep. For more information about how nested playlists work in this feature, see Creating a Simple Playlist.
  • Remote HTTPd media entries. Content locations that begin with the httpd:// URL prefix can be added as media entries to the Web playlists that you create, allowing you to reference a remote Web server page that returns a custom URL or path for the media item to be played.
  • Session settings. Allows you to specify the maximum number of clients that can connect to the playlist and the amount of content that must be watched before skip functionality is enabled on the client.
  • Session provider settings. Allows you to add ASP.NET session persistence and provides an additional level of control for the content on a Web server by configuring multiple options that specify how long the content referenced by a playlist is available to users.
  • Impersonation settings. Allows for media items that are protected by user credentials to be added to playlists.
  • ASX import. Allows for quick conversion of client-side playlists (files with .asx file name extensions) for files stored on the Web server to Web playlists.
  • Custom providers. A COM interface is included that you can use to write native and .NET-based custom providers that extend the default behavior of Web Playlists. For more information, see the Extending Web Playlists through custom providers.

Got more questions or need support?: Please use media forum.

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