Shipped: Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 1 Refresh for Windows 8 Release Preview

I hope you have already seen the blog post from our team announcing the Smooth Streaming release to accompany Windows 8 Release Preview here. As Cenk blogs, we are very excited about this release and hope you all will build compelling rich media experiences that make use of Smooth Streaming in Metro Applications for Windows 8.

If you are using the client SDK and the player framework, do drop in a comment and provide a reference to your application. Also, we really appreciate any feedback we receive and the team would love to hear from you.

Here is an excerpt from the blog post to get you started:

The initial release notes are available through IIS Learn Center and can be found here.

For get started with this new SDK, you can download the Smooth Streaming Client for Windows 8 (Beta) from the Visual Studio Gallery and Player Framework from CodePlex.

Step by steps instructions for building a basic HTML5 Smooth Streaming Windows 8 Metro app can be found here.

For Smooth Streaming PlayReady protected content support, you need “PlayReady Client SDK for Metro Style Apps” and corresponding code blocks which can be downloaded from here.

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