Announcing IIS Community Newsletter

I'm excited to announce a newsletter for the IIS community is available.  Here is the link to signup.  The goal is to cover all happenings in the IIS community.  The goal is to have a monthly newsletter. 

Sign-up for IIS Community Newsletter

A little history.  l previously was involved with Brett Hill and authoring the IIS Answers newsletter for about 1 year.  The newsletter literally reached thousands of IIS administrators providing up-to-date Microsoft and community related information.  It was an excellent source of information.  That is my goal with the IIS Community Newsletter.

With everything, there is always some "geeking" that goes into it.  I'm using newsletter application.   For a modest $10.00 fee, the application provides a simple, yet powerful way to manage newsletters.  I added a CAPTCHA feature to sign-up.  The CAPTCHA module I used was provided free by MONDOR software.  I personally never used one on a application and it was easy to implement.  Thanks for sharing! 


Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP - IIS

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