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  • Enabling Failed Request Tracing

    Occasionally I get questions on how to troubleshoot intermittent issues in IIS.  One example is an intermittent 500 status code and another example is a slow page load.  In IIS7 and later there is a simple module that you can install as part of IIS called Failed Request Tracing (FREB).

  • Which application pool is it?

    If you are running multiple web sites on your IIS web server you will eventually need to know which worker process is associated with a particular application pool.  It may be for baseline information or troubleshooting but at one point or another you will need to cross reference an application pool to a w3wp worker process.

  • Orchard Memory Usage

    I recently spent some time working with some coworkers to track down an Orchard performance issue.  We found it was caused by some memory restrictions on the application pool.  I wrote about it on another blog site where I am also a guest blogger.

  • Track down the source of SQL Injection

    A SQL Injection attack is a malicious technique used to attack databases through a website.  It adds portions of SQL statements into the URL from a page that accepts user input.  The attack is successful when there are vulnerabilities in a website where user input is not filtered and validated.