MSDN Mag: Enhance Your Apps with the ASP.NET Integrated Pipeline!

At last, my MSDN article about using the ASP.NET Integrated Pipeline is out in MSDN Magazine. This article is all about using existing ASP.NET features and building new ASP.NET modules to improve existing applications.

What's more, I do this without touching a single line of the application itself, which happens to be a PHP application using the IIS 7.0 FastCGI support.

Enhance Your Apps with ASP.NET Integrated Pipeline 

So go read the article for an in-depth look at using the power of ASP.NET Integrated pipeline to add features, improve security, and turbo-charge performance of your applications. Then head over to my blog to learn more about doing this yourself for your apps on IIS 7.0 - starting with building your own modules and handlers.

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