Free no-hassle blogging with Quick Blog

In my first ever blog post, I mentioned that my dream was to eventually self-host my blog on home IIS7 server, running latest Windows “Longhorn” builds with many cool features based on  modules I write while working on IIS7 at my job on the IIS team. 

My dream has been sitting idle in my basement for a few weeks now, running on a server I put together from spare parts lying around the house ...  At this point the only thing its waiting for is for the 60 day domain hold to expire, so I can transfer my domain name to a dynamic DNS host that will point to the server’s address.

In the past month that the blog has been up, I have thoroughly enjoyed GoDaddy’s free Quick Blog feature, which has allowed me to have a fully featured blog up and running minutes after I paid for the domain name.


So, before I move at the end of this month, I wanted to share my experience with Quick Blog. ...



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