New Experiences @MIX from the Microsoft Web Platform

Today is a BIG day for the Microsoft Web Platform and a BIG day for the WEB.  I’m down in Las Vegas at MIX and I just got off stage from the keynote where I demo’d just one of the many exciting and cool new things that make the Microsoft Web Platform better than ever.  For example:

  • Using the new Web Platform Installer 2.0 beta, you can now download and install all of the technologies that make up the Microsoft Web Platform, and some of the world’s most popular Web applications, in one simple tool.
  • With the new Windows Web App Gallery, you can now discover world-class ASP.NET and PHP applications, read reviews from the community, and submit your own comments, as well as launch installation of an application in one click right from the browser. 
  • With IIS Media Services, a free addition to the IIS7 Web server, you can now provide high definition audio and video streams LIVE and on demand. 
  • With the final release of ASP.NET MVC 1.0, you can now build applications in the popular Modal-View-Controller paradigm, have complete control over your HTML and CSS, and build inherently testable applications
  • With the upcoming Visual Studio 10 release, we announced you can now package and deploy applications from right within the Visual Studio development environment, including support for multiple deployment configuration targets
  • In conjunction with the Silverlight 3 release, we’re also shipping a beta of Silverlight Tools 3, a Visual Studio development environment for building Silverlight Applications. 
  • The IIS team is also introducing 10 new IIS7 extensions which extend the capabilities of the already powerful Web server to do things like:
  • With Commerce Server 2009, you can now more easily deploy enterprise-grade commerce-enabled sites using built-in SharePoint support. 

All said, this is an amazing amount of innovation and I’m very proud of my team and the many hours they put into creating these very compelling new experiences.  Try it out today, and tell us what you think!

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