IIS7 URL Rewrite Extension is finished – download now!

I’m excited to announce that the IIS7 URL Rewrite extension is finished and available for download.  For more information on some last minute features we added, and how to download it, see Ruslan’s blog post here:  http://blogs.iis.net/ruslany/archive/2008/11/10/url-rewrite-module-release-to-web.aspx 

Many, many, many customers have asked me for URL Rewrite capabilities over the years, and I’m happy to finally provide a high performance, reliable, and fully supported solution from Microsoft.  URL Rewrite has many very cool features for Web applications and makes managing URL Rewrite rules easier to create and manage than any other solution out there.  If you have IIS7, and you care about having clean URLs that search engines love to index, you need URL Rewrite.  Download it today!

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