MIX '07: IIS7 for Developers Demos and Powerpoint

I got a lot of requests for the presentation and demo notes from my session at MIX, so here goes.  If you're interested in the slides, You can download the PPT here. 

If you want to try the SQL Logging Module, I've also attached my wwwroot directory in the state it was in at the end of the demo (working), which includes the sqlLogging_schema.xml file you'll need to copy to the \windows\system32\inetsrv\config\schema directory.  You'll also need to create your log table using the createDB.sql file.  For a complete step-by-step walkthrough, see this post.

All the credit for the SQL logging module demo goes to CarlosAg.  Without his work, you would have had to see my photo DirListModule again.  :)

If you're interested in the PHP demos, you should check out this previous post, which includes videos (at the bottom) of the PHP related demos.  I'll write-up a separate post on step-by-step instructions soon.

thanks, I hope you enjoyed the talk!

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