Apache Emulation for IIS by Helicon Tech

Now this is something you don't see every day! I ran across Helicon Tech's latest IIS module today, called Helicon APE, which stands for Apache Emulation.  This looks like a very cool module for those who want to ‘emulate’ Apache’s runtime environment, including more than a dozen modules, as well as direct .htaccess support, inside IIS!  It takes full advantage of the integrated pipeline of IIS7, by providing a managed code module that extends IIS7’s core processing pipeline and provides semantic emulation of some very popular Apache features!  Not yet running IIS7?  Helicon also supports using wildcard script-mapping to enable the module on Windows 2003/IIS6 platforms

The list of modules currently supported is quite impressive, including:

allows the use of HTTP Basic Authentication

allows the use of MD5 Digest Authentication

configures anonymous users access authenticated areas

rejects whatever credentials if no authentication is set

provides authentication based on user look-up in plain text password file

rejects any authorization request if no authentication is configured

allows or denies access to particular areas of the site depending on user group membership

allows access control to particular parts of web server based on hostname, IP address, or other characteristics of the client request

allows or denies access of authenticated users to portions of the web site

implements core features of Helicon Ape

allows control of the environment provided to CGI scripts and SSI pages

allows setting of Expires HTTP header and max-age directive of Cache-Control HTTP header in server responses in relation to either the time the source file was last modified, or to the time of the client access

enables modification of HTTP request and response headers

implements forward and reverse proxy functions for your IIS server

allows rewriting of requested URLs on the fly based on regular-expressions-based rules and various conditions

allows setting environment variables depending on whether different parts of the request match specified regular expressions

emulates loading modules functions


See the compatibility chart on their Web site for more specifics.  Download the beta release and check it out today!

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