Open for business...

Well, I've finally gotten around to this. Since joining Microsoft and the IIS team I've been wanting to get this blog up and running but this small thing called "work" kept getting in the way. Today I've decided that enough is enough - time to get off my Irish ass and take 30 minutes to setup the blog, steal Robert Burkes template and write this post (along with a very annoying image rotator for the image at the top of the blog).

The obligatory "What can you expect from this blog"

Well, probably a lot of interesting (or maybe uninteresting) posts about IIS 7 and the occasional post about IIS 6 and before. Mainly things about administration and configuration (the two areas I own) and lots of stuff about server extensibility.

So, that's it. I'll get around to posting something interesting soon. I promise. Honest.


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