Remote Administration: RTM of Remote Manager for Windows XP, 2k3 and Vista

A few months back I posted[^] about the RC0 release of IIS Manager for Windows XP, 2k3 and Windows Vista. We've now released the RTM version which works with Windows 2008 (and we've removed the previous installs from

Both Bob and Carlos have posted about this and both have some good information on their blogs (Carlos also has a video posted on some of the new features:

The new download URLs are:

Most of the instructions from my last post (Managing IIS 7 (RCO) from Windows XP, 2k3 and Vista[^]) should still apply to these installers although some of the screenshots may be a bit different.

Note: You will need Windows Vista SP1 in order for remote manager to install and work on Vista and you should also have the IIS Manager console installed (my last post covers to install the management console on Vista: [^]

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