Application Request Routing Release Candidate (RC) has been released

Today, IIS team has made the Application Request Routing (ARR) RC for IIS 7 available for download.  This is the last major milestone release before the Release To Web (RTW) release.  In addition to the feature improvements based on customer feedback, this release has been tested for stability and performance.  As such, it has the quality level suitable for production deployment.  During the RC period, the support will continue to be provided via the ARR forum.


Download the RC release:


What's new in RC?

  • Shared hosting and elastic scalability: Ability to specify different number of servers to utilize per host name.  Increase and decrease the number of servers in real-time.
  • Host name affinity routing table: View where requests have been routed based on server name and host name.
  • High availability at ARR tier: Make ARR tier fault tolerant using hardware load balancers and NLB.
  • State management using Microsoft External Cache for IIS 7.0: Leverage External Cache to share runtime state between multiple ARR servers.
  • New and improved UI: Better usability based on Web farm framework.
  • APIs for monitoring and managing ARR: ARR programmability.
  • Kernel caching: Achieve higher throughput by caching static contents.
  • UI integration with URL rewrite: Tighter user experience between ARR and URL rewrite.



All the documentations have been updated accordingly for the RC release.  Start from the TOC.



During RC, the support will continue to be provided via the ARR forum.


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