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  • How To: Collect a Crash dump of an IIS worker process on IIS 7.0 (and above)

    Web server Administrators have been using the Debug Diagnostic 1.1 to troubleshoot crash\hang issues on IIS 5 and 6. The Debug Diagnostic tool needs no introduction. It is a great tool and it provides you a lot of flexibility in collecting crash dumps for any user mode process running on a server.  But as of now, the Debug Diagnostic tool is *not* compatible with Windows Server 2008 and it is recommended that you not use it on a Windows 2008 server because you may get unexpected results. The good news is that the Debug Diagnostic team is currently working on releasing a version that is compatible with Windows 2008, but what to do until that time?

  • Configuring FTP 7.5 with Host Header and SSL

    FTP 7.5 comes with new features like supporting Host headers (Virtual host) and SSL. For compatibility purposes, FTP clients can check whether the FTP server supports host headers by sending a FEAT command to check for supported features. An FTP server would respond with HOST being one of the extended features supported by it and from here on client can use this feature.