Web Playlists SMIL conversion tool

With the RC version of Web Playlists, we moved from a custom XML format to a SMIL-based format for storing playlists. As a result of this change the old isx format has been retired. However, Brian Blum (a dev) in our team crafted a tool to help convert the old files. The tool can be downloaded here. Thank you Brian!

As both old and the new SMIL-based playlist formats are XML by nature, this tool uses a XSL to transform the old isx to the new SMIL-based isx format. Another reason for doing this is Brian wanted you to be able to do any minor changes if you so desire without needing to look into the code.

The tool usage is simple and as follows:

isxTranslate.exe /? Coverts prerelease input files for IIS 7.0 Web Playlists to the release format.

Usage: isxTranslate /i PLAYLISTDIR /x XSLT    

where PLAYLISTDIR is the path to your playlist files and    

XSLT is the xslt to use to convert the playlists.

Example: isxtranslate /i c:\inetweb\wwwroot\playlists /x c:\tools\isx.xsl 

Note: This tool is just to help migrate old files and is not released as a part of Web Playlists RC download. As a result this tool is not officially supported. We will be happy to answer any questions and would encourage you to use media forum for your questions.


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