Web Playlists output format

We recently release the Go Live of Web Playlists module and I am sure a lot of you are already beginning to realize the potential of this feature.

After the release our very smart set of engineers are figuring what can we do with this feature next? There is always a balance we need to draw in the features we can support and how soon can we get the product out, so that our customers (you) can benefit from it.

One thing we wanted to explore and hear your feedback on is the output format for the Web Playlists. While we allow you to change the input format, using custom providers, we do not have a way for you to change the output format. Currently, Web Playlists outputs ASX (client-side playlist) as the output. If you don' know much about ASX, it is basically a client-side playlist format (XML based) supported by Windows Media Player and Silverlight. You can also make it work with the Flash player and we have more details here. You can read more about the ASX format on MSDN here.

The question I have for all you is how much do you care about the output format? Would it be beneficial if we enabled you to output the client side playlist in format of your choice (other than ASX) too, or supported something like ATOM syndication format (RFC 4287)out of the box? In our team we deeply care about your feedback so any thoughts are really helpful.

If you have more questions, I will love to answer them.

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