Bit Rate Throttling is the pick of the week on Channel 9

Bit Rate Throttling was Brian's pick of the week on channel 9. We love you Brian :)

Here is the link to video and the post on the site - Click (To see the relevant section in the video seek to around 16:28 into the video.)

Here is the excerpt from the post:

This Week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian cover:

- Updates to
Live Maps and Virtual Earth 3D - including export GPS, new traffic-based directions, importing of 3D models into VE 3D (add a massive 9-guy on campus), MapCruncher for overlays of user-generated information (stadium seats), and more (0 - 2:41)
- .NET 3.5 Training Kit - ASP.NET Dynamic Data, MVC, Silverlight, etc, via
Greg Duncan (2:41 - 3:30) 
- Follow up from last week:
Firechild in the forums points to a .NET Rocks episode with Jon Goodyear on how to program SMS (3:30 - 5:26)
- Follow up story: 
Gizmodo has first video of a Surface at an AT&T store showing interactive AT&T coverage map, dynamic device colors, information and even phone comparison. (5:26 - 8:06)
- Symantec releases study showing Microsoft is #1 in fewest days in average response time for security vulnerabilities via
Matt Hardman (8:06 - 9:51)
- Dan and Brian's reaction to the internal leaked Vista SP1 video and Microsoft's original response. (via
DCMonkey in the forums). (9:51 - 12:28)
- The Channel 9 Dev team releases Developer Diary, a recurring weekly show on what features they're working on (12:28 - 13:18)
- The N+ Dev Team talks about how you build an Xbox Live Arcade game and how you program against lag (13:18 - 14:50)
- Dan's Pick of the Week: 15-year old Ashish
Dergawan's Coding4Fun article on how to convert a laser pointer into a mouse by using a motion tracking web camera (14:50 - 16:30)
- Brian's Pick of the Week: IIS Pack for bit-rate throttling of Web Videos via Vishal Sood (16:30 - end)

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