About Thomas Deml

I'm a Lead Program Manager in the IIS team, responsible for Security, Performance, Shared Hosting and for several other things nobody else likes to do.
I'm born in a small town in the south east of Germany named Auerbach i.d. Opf. where my mother still runs a popular pub with an attached bowling alley.
I started my professional career as a chef in a big restaurant, became a paramedic and finally discovered that there is a lot of money to be made by making other people believe you know what's going on inside of a computer.
I started at Microsoft in 1991 as a Support Engineer for Programming Languages (Assembler, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++), switched into the Consulting world a couple of years later and started in the IIS team as the Program Manager for Security right when Nimda and Code Red hit. We got security in check with IIS 6.0 and now I finally have some spare time which I use to climb mountains, big and small, rock, glacier, alpine - pretty much everything that can kill you if you are not careful. My wife and I live in Fremont, Seattle - the undisputed Center of the Universe.